Why Computer is the Best Technology

Computer is the best technology in this age because there are so many things that is done by computer. Without computer, no one could have been able to learn many things. The world is now very successful because people have come to know how to control the technology through computer. There are so technology that are computerized and this is a big help for industrialized and civilized society.

Computer is the source of knowledge and this is how people became rich. We can not imagine how the society have gone this far but this started when computers started to develop. Thanks to brilliant computer scientists. The development of high technological devices is aided by computer.

Computer is the best technology because, it does not only minimize time but also is useful all around wherever you go and wherever you stay. Almost all the technological devices that we use are uni-purpose but computer is multi-purpose.

The best help for human society is computer. Almost everything that can be seen from the computer and done by it are necessarily for us. The best advantage of the computer is that it gives learning, entertainment and creativity for arts. No matter what happens, computer will always remain to be the best device invented ever in human history.

Computer even reduces corruption because computers can work for money matters. No one will be able to be cheated because of money. You see the whole world through computer. Is this not amazing? No other technology can do this!