Solve the Basic Problems of a Computer

Here are the basic problem of a computer that has to be solved. There are so many things to make sure of when you are using a computer. This is because a computer has to be taken care of in various ways.

Firewall Solution. A computer can have be attacked by any user or virus. So a computer system has to inform that the computer should be protected by a firewall to protect your computer from unknown sources which will hack the files installed on your drives. If these are hacked and corrupt, then you will be helpless in front of your computer.

Virus Solution. Anti-Virus is very important to make sure the security of the computer and your drives. Since there are many viruses that is scattered through the transfer of files from computer to computer, then this is why people want to know how to hinder the virus that attacks the computer such as Trojan horse and so on.

Slow Computer. If the computer is very slow, the RAM and  CPU are very slow. This is why computer should  have an 8 GB RAM or 5GH CPU. Those who are using computer all the time and and those who are using it for graphic designing choose to have an 8 GB RAM and high CPU.

Manipulation of the Computer. Handling of computer is one of the main problems of users. Computer also has  a limit just as a human brain is limited. There are junk files in the computer that are not seen. Therefore, it has to be cleaned often to maintain the good status of the computer.